Guitar Lessons in North London

Udi Glaser offers guitar lessons in North and Central London. Udi is an experienced guitar teacher who has been teaching since 2002 in local schools and giving private and group guitar lessons. He is a registered guitar teacher as a member of RGT@LCMRegistry of Guitar Tutors at London College of Music. Among his students are well known celebrities.

Since he picked up a guitar in 1991, Udi has also gained experience on stage as a performing guitarist and in the studio as a session player and recording artist.

Udi’s previous studies include a B.A. in Musicology, a Diploma in Sound Control and a Certificate in Orchestrating and Producing Music for Film and Games, for which he was granted a scholarship in the name of Jeff Beck, the well known guitarist.

Guitar lessons take place in his home studio in north LondonCrouch End, Highgate area. Udi teaches all levels including beginners and covers a vast range of guitar styles and genres, such as: Classical guitar, Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, Spanish guitar, Ethnic and World Music and many more. Udi also teaches how to use the correct technique when playing guitar, improvise, compose on the guitar, music theory, sight reading, TAB reading and every little thing a guitarist should know.

Price list (Monday-Friday):
£25 – 1/2 hour
£30 – 45 minutes
£35 – 1 hour
* For an additional fee, Udi also gives guitar lessons on Sunday and guitar lessons in and around London at the comfort your own home.

Feel free to drop him an email with any question or to book a lesson:
Or call him on: 07528-016-583

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Name martin weegmann
Date 2010-07-18
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Message I have been seeing Udi for lessons for a few months and already feel a lot better in my playing and confidence. Udi is patient, perceptive and versatile- so I have learned some rock, blues and Elizabethan music from him. A great player and encouraging teacher…


Name Melanie
Date 2010-07-14
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Message One-to-one guitar lessons have been very beneficial for me. I’ve made better progress than having group lessons. Udi is very patient and encouraging and can teach you whatever you want to learn. I would recommend him to anyone who would like to learn the guitar or to improve their skills.


Name Chi
Date 2009-12-18
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Message re: guitar lessons with UdiI used to play guitar at school 1972-1974 and always hankered afer relearning the instrument. After just one lesson with Udi the confidence started to roll back and a few lessons latrer my family can recognise some fo the tunes I (try to) play! The lessons are well structures without being rigid and are easy to folow. A good teacher needs to be able to enthuse and encourage thier pupils – Udi is that!


Name Simon Deeley
Date 2009-12-15
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Message As someone who has fiddled about on my electric guitar for many years after a formal training in my teens , Udi has expertly assessed my ability and given me direction to quickly progress.In just two lessons Udi has helped me to get back in touch with my inner bluesman!


Name Michele Manz
Date 2009-12-12
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Message Hi Udi,
I came to you with no rhythm and co-ordination and never thought I’d be able to play the guitar but after just 5 lessons I have a good grasp on chords, arpeggio, notes, reading music and strumming patterns. Learning to play guitar is like learning a beautiful new language and I have found myself listening to music in a whole new light now….I liked the way you make things so understandable and gave a good mixture of things to learn and practice between lessons. I wish I could continue learning with you but am back in New York now.
I’d definitely recommend you and hope to see you again in the future.
Michele x


Date 2009-10-26
Location click picture for more information
Message udi is really into it.
so i can also motivate myself to go for my aim.
everytime when i ask him a question,he is trying to explain which i can understand easily.
but on the other hands he does giving me a tricky question to undestand more about it!!


Name Music teacher at Active Learning nursery
Date 2009-09-12
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Message Udi came to our nursery and gave two sessions- one for our babies, a relaxing half hour of beautiful guitar sounds which our babies enjoyed immensely, and then a 45 minute session with our oldest preschoolers- including a concert of his beautiful compositions, movement activities and a guitar master class which the children loved! They had their first guitar lesson on their own guitars from home, and Udi taught them some beginner guitar techniques using his original early years guitar tuition method- which is absolutely fantastic! It was a real treat for the kids! smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie


Name Katie
Date 2009-08-21
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Message I found Udi to be a really encouraging, patient and helpful teacher. Even though I am a very inexperienced player, I felt I improved in leaps and bounds with the help of the lessons, and not only that but he’s a nice guy, and he genuinely cares about helping people to learn. I recommend him to everyone, seriously!


Name Leo C
Date 2009-08-11
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Message I leave lessons in a bit of a sweat – much to take in, but it’s all good good stuff! Udi is challenging but not intimidating. I can be a bit of a joker when things feel tricky or if “I just dont get it”, but Udi manages to restore focus and is very disciplined – which I need! He has a beautiful mastery of the instrument and a very reassuring confidence and wonderful, calm temperament. He pushes me – again, I need this, and he tailors the lessons to what my ultimate goals are – i.e. to be able to write my own songs on guitar. He also has acute attention to detail – for instance, he is the only teacher I’ve had that keeps correcting my arm positioning and and my wrist cramping squeeze on the guitar neck! In just a few lessons, things (including some theory building blocks), seem to be coming together. I highly highly recommend him.


Name Layla Kaylif
Date 2009-06-27
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Message Udi is a very patient and flexible teacher, who gives a lot of encouragement, attention to detail, and helps his students to find the best approach for themselves, to learning even the most basic skills. I highly recommend him.


Name Abbas Msa
Date 2009-05-04
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Message I had few lessons with Udi, from what I can say, he’s very talented (I’ve attended many of his gigs),
patient and passionate about what he’s doing, his musical academic background and being a regular professional practitioner make his lessons interesting.
All the time with Udi was well spent.
I highly recommend him.


Name Perrin Sledge
Date 2009-04-30
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Message Udi is patient, good humoured and encouraging. He is happy to work with you on any song you want to play and is very good at moulding lessons to the specific needs of his students. Highly recommended.


Name Carmen
Date 2009-04-28
Location click picture for more information
Message I have been taught the guitar by Udi and found him to be flexible and encouraging in the way he has taught me, teaching me everything I want to know, at the pace I want to learn. I have also found him to be extremely patient. Udi and his wife Daphne have also worked really well with the kids at my children’s 5th and 11th birthday parties.


Name Eter Guarderas
Date 2009-04-27
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Message I have studied guitar with Udi for a couple of months, excellent, very easy to understand and put in practice, as i musician myself i’m deeply greatfull for all the knowledge i have received from him, thumps up, i’m also thinking of studying further composition with him, highly recommend him to everyoneEter



Comments ( 8 )

  1. ReplyOlivia
    Hello, I would like to learn the guitar, a search for North London came up with your website. I'm a complete beginner. Do you still teach? Thanks, Olivia.
    • ReplyAuthorudiguitar
      Hi Olivia, Yes I still do teach guitar. Do you live in Crouch End area? Do you already have a guitar? Best, Udi
  2. ReplyCarolyn
    Hello I'd like to arrange some guitar lessons for my 7 year old (he's never played but is very keen to learn). From your address I think we live just round the corner - could you let me know how much it would be for say 6 half hour lessons at home? Many thanks Carolyn
    • ReplyAuthorudiguitar
      Hi Carolyn, The age of 7 is a good time to start learning the guitar. Does he own one? Do you need some advice? A half an hour lesson is £20 in my home studio. A lesson In your home (if it's in Crouch End) is £25, but I always recommend that my students come to my studio. Do let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks, Udi
  3. Replymerve
    Hey there, i'm a self learner however just to check with a professional in how im doing, i'd like to take a lesson. However before booking, id like to ask how much each lesson is? if it's private..? as in one to one? and if it's possible to pay when i see you and not online.. ? Thank you.
    • ReplyAuthorudiguitar
      Hi Merve, Lessons are one to one and take place in my home studio in Crouch End. The fee is £30 per hour Mon-Fri and £35 on Sundays. Yes, you can pay when we meet. Btw, if you are interested I have a one-off offer which is £99 for 4 guitar lessons (at my home studio, Monday to Friday, valid for purchases until 31/12/2012). Please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks, Udi 07528016583
  4. ReplyElda
    Imterested in guitar lessons for my six year old. What is your rate and would you come to our home??
    • ReplyAuthorudiguitar
      Hi, half an hour would be enough for a 6 year old, which is £20 in my home studio in Crouch End. I would have to ask for more if I need to travel.

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